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Our mission is to tell a better story
about rural life in America.

Connecting rural communities across the country through music,
arts and culture, news and opinion, and good, honest conversation

At its heart, we want Dirt Road Radio to be a platform for bringing people together.

We want to hear stories from parts of America that don’t often get heard.

We want to help share those stories far and wide, even in the heart of the country where so many voices are simply piped in from far away.

Help Us Build It

Chris Burgess, a young to mid age man with short salt and pepper light hair, dark frame square glasses, mustache and short beard, head tilted at a jaunty angle.

Storyteller ~ Chris Burgess

Chris will provide all the guidance you need to get started .

Musician ~ Bernadette Holzer

Have a band? Or a playlist? Talk to Bernadette about being a part of the music we feature.

Dan Shaefer, a grey haired man with short cropped hair smiling outside with a wooded landscape in background

Podcaster ~ Dan Schaefer

Have an idea for a program or your own Podcast? Dan is a producer with many years of experience on the air.


Get Started